Company Profile

“Using the latest image processing and AI technology to contribute to efficiency and development in the world”

We aim to revolutionize the production line and video surveillance fields by using iVS (intelligent Verify System), which integrates our proprietary AI technology and image processing technology, as Core technology.

‘IVS ‘is a technology that classifies and detects specific shapes from videos and images with high precision by fusing unique AI and image processing technology.

It can detect an object with a fraction of the pixel required for normal AI processing, and offers solutions using ‘iVS’ to the field of visual inspection and video analysis.

IDEAAI:This company name is a coined word combining Greek Philosophy ‘IDEA’ (Pure Form, True Form, Prototype) and ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) .

Founded: 2019

Representative Director: Akihiro Ogura


Headquarters: 3-6-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aoyama Palacio Tower 11F

Phone: 03-5778-5276

Research Institute: 713B, 7F, West Wing, KSP Innovation Center Building 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone: 044-299-7071

FAX: 044-299-7072

Main Banks: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shibuya Station Branch