Contributing to the efficiency and development of the world by using advanced image processing and AI technology

Visual inspection solution

Currently, inspection equipment requires human verification work to detect many defect candidates. This Verify operation takes a lot of time, so the work time and labor costs are enormous.

By using iVS, it is possible to detect fine objects with the same excellent recognition rate as skilled workers.
We will develop and provide a high-speed automatic judgment system to shorten the verification time and reduce the number of verification staff using this technology.

Failure prediction and analysis of yield factors

At present, equipment and facilities on many production lines are often repaired after failures occur, and the problem is that equipment and services are stopped during the repair period.

By analyzing the correlation between the failure data and the manufacturing situation in real time using ‘iVS’, it is possible to predict the part where the probability of failure in the future is high, and to help the maintenance efficiency, improve the yield, and identify the cause of the failure occurrence .

Video analysis

Currently, the video surveillance system is recording and analyzing offline. By using ‘iVS’, it is possible to perform real-time video analysis of accidents, crime prevention, etc. in important areas such as intersections and platforms, and issue notifications.

’iVS’ Installation Procedure. Introducing ‘iVS’, the customer introduction team and our data scientist will be united, and the project will be introduced while checking the customer’s situation and issues.

Survey and Analysis

Through analysis of the target image data, etc., we will clarify what can be achieved by iVS and propose the best way to proceed.


After clarifying the purpose of the verification, we receive actual data from the customer, and our data scientists analyze and verify using ‘iVS’, and measure the expected effect of using AI.


If the effect is expected from the verification, we will develop it for implementation in the customer system. Basically, learning data acquisition is performed by the customer. Based on this learning data, we perform system design and development up to analysis, model creation, implementation in a production environment, and operation introduction support.